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What Is Psychic Source and How Does It Work?

Psychic Source is the top leading online psychic reading website that offers a wide network of psychics who offer everything from tarot cards to psychic readings. Unlike meeting a reader in person, the website allows you to read reviews and average scores for each psychic and search by specialty. If you’re looking for Psychic Source’s best psychics, this will help you narrow down your options.

Upon first glance, Psychic Source offers a multitude of different signup options and pricing menus. Upon signup, I found out that when new Psychic Source customers register for any online reading session, they will receive a free 3-minute trial. Customers who finish their reading before the 3-minute mark will not be paid, but they will have the option to continue the reading. The rates vary by the consultant. Rates start at $1 per minute at Psychic Source for the service of their gifted psychic advisors. On their website, they also have a variety of seasonal and promotional deals.

After researching and reading reviews on Psychic Source, what struck me as the most interesting was the variety that Psychic Source offered. When I tried to find what kind of reading I was looking for, I was struck by all the other options they had that I didn’t even know existed. They offer cartomancy readings, dream interpretation, past life readings, and so on. To accompany all these different types of readings, Psychic Source has a vast number of psychic advisors you can pick from that will do your reading. They offer all types of advisors, from Love Psychics to Clairvoyants. Another thing that I found interesting is how transparent they are about their readings. For example, on their website they explain at length what structured vs unstructured psychic advice is, which can be really useful for someone who’s new to psychic readings.

Psychic Source Main Features 

From the very first Psychic Source review I read, I could tell this was a really good service. After thorough research of customer reviews, I was left with a positive impression of how the website works, and what I should and should not expect. The service’s main advantages are how professional and respectful the psychic advisors are, as well as its great customer service. In contrast, I also learned about Psychic Source’s most talked about disadvantage – its prices.

Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings are considered to be a way to communicate with the spirits that many believe surround us but that we don’t always notice or understand in our daily lives.

Astrology Readings

These readings are based on your zodiac sign. A psychic advisor will examine the positions of the celestial bodies to offer insight into your motivations, expectations, and personality.

Energy Work

Working with energy promotes mental, physical, and spiritual healing. A professional energy healer will assist you in clearing negativity from your auric region, opening your chakras, and strengthening your energetic vibration.

Love Readings

A love psychic reading will help you overcome your relationship’s worries, uncertainties, and doubts.

Past Life Readings

The belief in reincarnation, or the notion that the soul is reborn in various bodies over a long period of time, is the foundation for past life readings.

Ease of Use 

Psychic Source offers a very simple and straightforward 3-step signup process, which will be shown and explained below:

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