What Is Mysticsense?1

Mysticsense is an online platform that does psychic readings to meet individual needs. The website has different types of readings and psychics for you to try out until you find your right match. You can also choose how you want to continue your session via webchat, SMS, or video call, depending on your preference.

If you’re looking for answers, need some guidance, or are searching for a little clarity, MysticSense is a good address. The online service hosts a network of talented psychics equipped with every type of reading tool and method imaginable. You can get a reading that is tailor-made to fit your needs, situation, and style. MysticSense is also among the most trusted of networks with fair business practices and strict guidelines for its mediums.

Is it Trustworthy?

One of the biggest selling points of MysticSense is its trustworthiness. Like all psychic services online, MysticSense claims to vet its psychics thoroughly and deliver a superior quality service to its customers. But MysticSense goes above and beyond just talking the talk. In fact, the psychic network has a strict set of “house rules” that all psychics are required to adhere to at all times. Most noteworthy are the guidelines restricting discussion of evil spirits and curses, ploys that are frequently used by phony psychics to get you to pay money to have these bad omens removed. MysticSense also prohibits its psychics from making any sort of prediction concerning death, medical conditions, etc. It all adds up to a much more respectable business, and one that can be trusted in a questionable industry.

Types of Psychics & Services

This is where MysticSense really gets exciting. We’ve already featured how trustworthy this reputable online psychic service is, so now it’s time for the fun. MysticSense is known for having one of the widest varieties of reading tools and methods under the sun. To get an idea of the vastness of its selection, here is a partial list of what’s available from MysticSense

  • Angel/oracle cards
  • Astrology
  • Auras
  • Cartomancy
  • Chakras
  • Counseling
  • Crystal ball
  • Crystals
  • Dream interpretation
  • Life coaching
  • Meditation
  • Numerology
  • Past lives interpretation

Pricing & Special Offers

For better or worse, MysticSense does not set its sessional pricing. Instead, it leaves it to the discretion of the readers to manage this task. This is good for new recruits who are still getting their feet wet because you can get an insightful reading for less. However, some of the more talented readers can (and will) charge hefty prices for their talented services. Guess it’s a question of you getting what you pay for.

MysticSense readings range from roughly $1 up to around $5. That’s not exorbitant by any stretch of the imagination (considering some psychics charge up to $20 a minute for their services). What’s more, MysticSense doesn’t have a minimum session time. So you can have as long, or as short a session as you need to get your answers.


What Users Are Saying About  MysticSense

“Very good reader! Without any information from me, Shelley immediately picked up on things and connected to me and the situation. She has a straightforward and honest communication style. She is a true psychic.” – Aparna M

“Wow I am so blown away!!!! She’s VERY good and will go back to her for sure! I didn’t have to say anything the minute we talked she picked up right away what was on my mind. She is very very gifted! I didn’t do so much talking it was her telling me what I was thinking the whole time. She is the REAL DEAL! I still can’t believe everything that she told me and what I wanted back in 2019. I’m so thankful for your help and the reading thank you. I would recommend her very intuitive and spot on.” – Samantha T

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