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The Best Psychic Medium Readings Online 2020

Life is uncertain. Isn’t it wonderful that we can get advice and guidance from those that are more sensitive to universal energies than we might be?

Sometimes, we’re not looking for guidance or a glimpse into our future. We just need to know we’re not alone. When we are grieving the loss of a loved one, we may need that simple connection to them in the beyond.  

That’s when many turn to a medium.

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What Is a Psychic Medium?

Most people have heard of psychics. Psychics tune in to universal energies and can give us clarity on a situation or an idea of what our future holds for us. They offer us hope when we may not have any and can help guide our steps through uncertainty.

A medium reader is a psychic who connects with the spirits of the departed. Mediums offer a conduit between those who have passed on and the rest of us.

​Psychic mediums don’t give predictions; they don’t offer advice. What they do is connect with the loved ones we have lost.

​Psychic mediums use various abilities to communicate with spirits. Some of them are:

  • Clairvoyance, which means “clear seeing” – the ability to receive visual messages
  • Clairaudience, meaning “clear hearing” – the ability to receive auditory messages
  • Clairsentience, “clear feeling” – the ability to receive emotional-based messages
  • Claircognizance, “clear knowing” – the ability to “just know” things
  • Clairvalience – the ability to pick up messages based on smells

Mediums allow us the opportunity to realize that we’re not alone — that those that have passed on are still with us in some way.

They provide a way for us to communicate with them, to ask questions, to get their guidance, or simply communicate that we miss them. Medium readers offer a chance that our loved ones will communicate back.

​Medium readings can help us grieve, supporting us with messages of love, and eventually, helping us to find closure from loved ones that have moved on to the afterlife.

​How Do Medium Readings Work?

​Medium readings online can be a very different experience, not only from medium to medium but from session to session.

During a mediumship reading, the ​clairvoyant will open themselves up to contact, inviting the spirits around you to communicate. The psychic medium will share the messages they are receiving from those beyond and present any questions you have to them.

In effect, they will act as an interpreter or conduit between you and the spirit world. Every online medium connects with the spirits differently.

Some, those that are clairvoyant, may describe images. Another medium, one with stronger clairsentience abilities, may communicate more by expressing emotions or feelings they are receiving.

Additionally, different spirits may choose to connect with the medium during your session. Different spirits may connect in different ways, changing how your clairvoyant medium interprets their messages during your interaction with the afterlife.

Regardless of their abilities, a medium reading should be a supportive, uplifting, and healing moment.

​​Advantages of Getting A Medium Reading Online

The digital age has been a gift for those that look to psychic​ readings online for guidance and comfort. No longer are we limited to those psychics that may be within driving distance or those expensive “call-a-psychic” lines.

We can connect with the psychic medium we want, at our convenience, whether we’re traveling, sitting outside on our lunch break, or curled up in our favorite chair at home.

The most significant gift of the digital age, however, may be that, if we do our homework, we can find a genuine psychic reading and not get taken in by a fake.

Let’s break these advantages down a little more.

Online Mediums Give You More Options to Choose From

The internet gives us a choice.

With Google and a little time, you can talk to a medium reader that is right for you, whether they’re just down the street or on the other side of the world.

Do you prefer a clairsentient over a clairaudient? You can find one.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can find a psychic medium’s biography, their practice philosophies, and their abilities. You can search through psychic networks or find a medium that is working on their own. You can read reviews. You can even try one medium, and if you don’t like them, try another.

By opening your heart and mind to the possibility of a reading from an online ​medium, you open yourself to more opportunities.

An Online Psychic is More Convenient

An online psychic medium reading is convenient.  You can fit it into your busy schedule and avoid the hassle of an in-person session. No more taking time during business hours, getting that time off from work (or giving up your lunchtime), or driving halfway across town.

With smartphones and tablets, you can speak to your psychic from anywhere and at any time.

Mediums from Psychic Networks are Vetted and Screened

None of us like being scammed. There are some genuine psychics out there that are eager to share their gifts with the world. Unfortunately, some scammers take advantage of a person’s grief for their monetary gain and give genuine psychic mediums a bad name.

One of the most comforting benefits of finding ​spiritual mediums online is that you can pre-vet them. Their backgrounds, abilities, and practice beliefs are online for you to see. Better yet, you can find reviews from their clients on the web.

Psychic networks are your best tool for finding a ​reputable medium. Networks vet their psychics strictly, verifying their abilities before allowing them to join their networks. The best also offer satisfaction guarantees.

If your psychic asks you for additional money to remove curses or spells, avoid them. They are likely scammers.

How Can a ​Spiritual Medium Help You?

Losing someone is one of the most challenging times in our lives, and many psychic mediums share their gifts out of love and compassion. They see themselves as counselors, offering support through life’s most trying periods.

If you’ve recently lost someone, have been feeling as if someone is trying to reach you, or simply need the comfort of speaking to a loved one who has passed, a psychic medium reading can help you.

Connect with a loved one that has passed. As mentioned earlier, a psychic medium acts as an interpreter between this world and the next. Through them, you can connect with your lost loved ones. Whether they have passed away recently or many years previously, a psychic medium can provide a conduit directly to them.

Ask unanswered questions. When death is sudden, many things can be left unresolved. They may weigh on us as profoundly as our grief. ​ Spirit mediums can help you to resolve the situation. Their skillful interpretation of the messages they receive can help you get the answers you need.

Find closure. Grief never goes away. We’ll always miss the loved ones that have moved beyond us. One of the best ways to help us learn to live with our bereavement is through closure. A ​psychic reading can help you with that, allowing you to move forward with your life.
Final Thoughts

The ability to ​communicate with spirits online is a gift for many. We can gain the benefits of an in-person session—connection, communication, and closure— with the convenience of the internet. It helps us find the perfect psychic medium for us and virtually ensures that we aren’t getting scammed.

If you feel the need to speak to a loved one that has moved beyond, consider making your appointment through an online psychic network.