Do You Want To Get New Experience? Try ImLive

Imlive is the place to go when you’re horny and ready to bust a nut. These girls wish they could come slobber all over that cock, but distance between you two is too damn far. So, you get to watch all these pretty whores fuck themselves and do everything you want them to do, for you. Why would you ever watch normal porn when you can just have your own personal pornstar?

What Are Imlive Credits?

Credits are Imlive’s currency system. Upon purchasing credits, you become a member. This allows you to access the customer support system. You can use these credits to enter private shows, control the sex toys the girls are using, and even invite a second cam girl to join the session!

If you sign up for an account now, you’ll get $50 worth of imlive free credits deposited into your account!

Accessing ImLive For The First Time

When you open it for the first time, you’ll have to confirm that you’re 18 years old or above. Don’t start wanking right away, you can’t watch any of the live shows without creating an account, dumbass!

Creating An Account

You can create an account for free by clicking on the ‘Join Imlive for free’ button on the top right. Add in a username, password and your email. When you’re done, you’ll be able to see all the live shows. Have fun fapping to the actual girls instead of the thumbnails now, you dirty pervert!

Can’t Pick A Girl To Jack Off To?

Imlive web has an amazing search function. On the main page, you can select a category such as girl alone, fetish and BDSM, couples, trans and so on. Based on these categories, you’ll have one more drop down menu. This menu lets you filter by fetishes, age, pricing, body type, ethnicity, and even the size of their tits and ass!

The ImLive Features

This is where the magic starts. All the girls, categories and special features are listed here. Take a look at the special features below now, because you’ll be too busy jacking off to tits when you go on the erotic platform:

The Panic Button

While you’re jerking off, you’re not gonna be paying attention to your surroundings. If someone gets too close to you, you don’t want them seeing what you’re watching. Imlive has a handy red panic button on the right at the middle section. Clicking on this immediately sends you to, and anyone who looks over your shoulder will think you’re being a responsible adult. Whether or not they see your hard dick in your hand, however, is a different question.

Host Videos

Hosts record Imlive cams, so you can watch your favorite cam girl even if she’s offline! You can’t spend your whole day sitting at home with your dick in your hand-jacking off. You’ve got work or classes, and timezones make it harder to watch your favorite models! Host video is a great solution, so you’ll never miss that slut’s tits ever again. It’s divided into the following categories:

  1. Top past live shows: These are the models’ most popular live shows, which have been recorded and saved onto the porn platform.
  2. Hosts’ video series: The models record their own short videos so you can watch and blow your load whenever you feel like.
  3. Monthly video contests: Imlive hosts a different video competition every month. Each month has a theme, and the top videos are almost always free! However, you need to be a member to access these videos even though they’re free. Then again, you’ll go through the work of creating an account because you’re a horny dummy, aren’t you?
  4. Free teasers: Since a lot of the good videos cost Imlive credits, free teasers is a good way to see if a video is worth watching or not. It gives you a short preview of the whole video. Be careful and don’t stroke your cock too hard while you watch the teaser. You might blow your load, and that would be disappointing.