Clairvoyant Readings

What Is A Clairvoyant Reading and How Does It Work?

Life is full of questions and a desire to have those questions answered. Sometimes the question and answer are clear-cut. Most of the time, it is not. Is he cheating? Does she love me? What is the next step in my career path? Did my loved one have closure when they died?

A clairvoyant reading taps into a number of senses in order to address questions in the past, present, and future. What exactly is a clairvoyant? Should you seek a clairvoyant reading? Are clairvoyants and psychics the same thing? How does a clairvoyant reading work? Well, let’s dive into those questions and provide some answers. Ready?

What Is a Clairvoyant Reading?

Clairvoyant psychic

To use a general definition, clairvoyance is a combination of innate intuition and heightened psychic ability. It is something a person is born with and continues to develop through spiritual and psychic practice and learning throughout their life.

From a linguistic perspective, the word “clairvoyance” can be broken into two parts. “Clair” means “clear” while “voyance” means “vision.” So, clear vision, just with a psychically-enhanced ability.

The word has evolved to include other variations that incorporate the senses. For example, heightened smelling (clairscent), heightened tasting (clairgustance), hearing (clairaudience), and feeling (clairsentience).

Each of the senses plays a different role in a clairvoyant reading, so it is essential to take the time to break it down. Clairvoyance is often used as an umbrella term for the various clair-senses.

The reading is when a clairvoyant uses their developed senses to address questions in your life or related to a loved one. This often centers around a handful of themes, including love, loss, careers, and money.  Clairvoyant readings can be done in person or even with an online clairvoyant. There are a number of ways to have a reading and seek out answers to life’s questions.

Understanding the 4 Psychic Clairs

To further explain the clair-senses, here is an in-depth overview of four psychic clairs. These are four of the main clairs, but this is not an exhaustive list nor an exhaustive definition of each.


Clairaudients are those with clear hearing. They have the ability to hear indistinct mumblings or even when the voice is not used. This goes beyond ordinary space and time limitations. In terms of psychic abilities, this includes connecting with and hearing deceased spirits and spirit guides.


Clairvoyance, as discussed earlier, means clear vision. This goes deeper than just having an excellent vision in the literal sense! It includes inner vision, the mind’s eye, and extended visual capabilities. This might encompass images from future, present, and past since the psychic perception is unaffected by time. Just as a smell lingers, an image can linger for those with clairvoyant abilities.


Claircognizants are those with clear knowing. It relies heavily on intuition and a “feeling,” which makes this one of the clair-senses people find hard to trust. Think of claircognizants as those who hear the phone before it rings, know how a sentence is going to finish, and have powerful hunches. A claircognizant anticipates before something takes place because they are cognizant when things are about to happen.


Clairsentients revolves around clear feeling. It involves feeling deeply with people, places, or situations. A clairsentient can tap into the energy and vibration of all that surrounds them in the present moment.

Are Clairvoyant Readers Real?

Psychic reader with crystal ball

This is the driving question behind anything related to psychic readings or psychic ability. Is it real or just a bunch of clever tricks?

Over the years, a number of scholars, spiritual teachers, and scientists have come to believe babies are born with certain levels of clair-senses. However, due to education, upbringing, and skepticism from both society and family, many lose touch with these senses over the years. The result is a number of people with undeveloped innate abilities. A few remain connected and are encouraged to develop their abilities. Those who develop, fine-tune, and strengthen their clair-senses can become clairvoyants.

Every now and then, an adult might have a hunch, feeling, or instinct to alert them of danger, the next step in life, or the introduction of someone important to their life. This is the clair-senses surfacing, even just for a moment. They transpire beyond our habitual understanding of the world, becoming something extraordinary.

Think of it this way: Have you heard the idea of “smelling danger?” That is clairscent looming. It is a subtle but compelling urge to remove ourselves from situations. While a clairvoyant might recognize this clair-sense, most people will fail to recognize it and just chalk it up to luck or instinct.

The point is, in a way, we are all clairvoyant, even on the smallest of scales. However, not everyone is practiced or skilled enough to become a professional clairvoyant. Clairvoyants must be in touch with clair-senses on a daily basis, fine-tuning them to be part of their lives. A true clairvoyant is able to navigate clair-senses to answer questions for people they have only just met (like you!). They are also able to turn clair-senses on and off based on necessity or desire.

Clairvoyant Vs. Psychic – Is There a Difference?

When it comes to the psychic world and abilities, there is a difference between being clairvoyant and being psychic. You may have heard of a clairvoyant psychic. This is a person who draws on various spiritual and telepathic abilities, but the abilities they draw on are not the same.

A clairvoyant reading relies on clair-senses to peer into situations or questions, whether that involves the future, present, or past. Clair-senses help to identify unexpected factors that contribute to the conundrums faced in your life or in others.

Clairvoyant readings might involve painting the current situation, depicting how it might unfold, or unpacking emotions tied to the situation. Clairvoyants can also delve into the energies and vibrations tied to situations. These readings typically provide detailed insights and answers based on open-ended questions. Of course, this is dependent on whether or not the clair-senses are unrestricted. Clairvoyants do better with open-ended questions rather than simple yes/no queries.

Intertwined in this are psychics. Psychics are sensitive to the mind, nonphysical interactions, telepathy, and sensory perception. While the clair-senses go beyond natural ranges, this is not the case for most psychics. All clairvoyants are psychic, but not every psychic is clairvoyant. So, in short, yes, there is most certainly a difference.

How Do Clairvoyant Readings Work?

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A clairvoyant reading involves homing in on you and your energy, questions, and vibrations. The reader might take some time to tune and focus their attention. Think of it as stepping back to soak in the whole picture and then zooming in on the interesting details.

Clairvoyants use clair-senses to garner insights and information about specific people, locations, events, or objects related to your question. This is accomplished through extended perception, or extrasensory abilities. Depending on the strongest clair-sense, this might be done through sight, smell, sound, taste, or feel. It is not simple and involves degrees of perception.

Given their abilities, clairvoyants are able to experience more in terms of their extrasensory abilities. This might mean they can smell, see, or hear love, jealousy, fear, or a slew of emotions. They can also name these things, which is essential in a reading.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Clairvoyant Reading

To make the most of a clairvoyant reading, whether it is with a psychic online or in-person, there a few things to help you be successful.

Matching with the Right Reader

The first is finding the right physic reader. This means finding one you connect with and can grow to trust. For psychic readings, it is fine to “shop around” to make sure you find the right fit. Many sites offer profiles, reviews, and ratings for clairvoyants to help with this decision.

Spiritual and Psychic Techniques

After connecting with a clairvoyant, feel free to talk through spiritual and psychic techniques. Some have expertise in certain areas. If you think you want an expert in love, career, or something else, think about this when talking to them! It is helpful to know what questions you are seeking to answer in the process to help guide you. Remember, open-ended questions work well with clairvoyants for detailed readings and results.


Another key to a successful clairvoyant reading is to have patience. You need to work with your psychic and understand they are not there to tell you what you want to hear. In fact, make sure you enter this space understanding you might hear things you do not like.

Instead, dive in and explore the issue and understand the details. Ask lots of questions, which can include how you might prevent or change undesired outcomes. Every little decision matters after all!

It is also beneficial to provide any relevant or background information crucial to your question. Remember the big picture? They can’t zoom in on details without the whole picture.


The decision to engage with a clairvoyant is driven by personal goals and wishes. Do you have questions you are struggling to answer on your own? Do you need clarity around certain issues? A clairvoyant might be able to help.