How We Ranked the Best Online Psychics

If you do a little bit of research, you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of psychic reading websites across the web. As we searched for the top online psychics to add to our list, we reviewed the following factors that make up a high-quality, reliable psychic service.

Screening Process for Psychics

The best psychic reading sites utilize a thorough screening process to determine which advisors can work for their companies. Scams are relatively common in the psychic industry, and customers need to trust that the advisors with whom they schedule readings are actually psychic readers, not scam artists.

The psychic readers that made our list screen their advisors carefully for accuracy and legitimacy before working with them. As a result, you can trust these sites to provide real psychic experts.

Free Trial Minutes

You may have noticed that most of the psychic readers on our list provide a few free minutes at the beginning of each session. These free trial minutes allow customers to try out a psychic's services before spending money on a longer session.

If you have never used a psychic reading website before or are unsure what specialties to look for in a reader, you can benefit from these free trial minutes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The best online psychics offer a satisfaction guarantee for every psychic session their customers complete. These guarantees allow customers to receive a free credit toward their next session if they are dissatisfied with a reader for any reason.

If a site offers a satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident that it cares about its customers' experiences. Further, you will not risk losing money to scam artists on these sites, as you can utilize the guarantee to receive a higher quality session for free.

Each of the psychic sites on our list offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Variety of Specialties to Choose From

The best online psychic reading sites offer several different types of readings to their customers. Instead of just offering general psychic readings, these companies provide tarot readings, love readings, astrology readings, and various other reading categories. Having more specialized reading types allows customers to receive detailed, insightful guidance from their advisors.

Each of the online psychics on our list offers at least five psychic specialties, allowing customers to choose a reading type that suits their needs.

Price per Minute

Online psychics typically charge for their services by the minute, meaning that your overall costs can rack up quickly. However, the best online psychics charge affordable prices and offer promos to lower their costs further.

The online psychic websites on our list offer readings for as low as $1 per minute, allowing customers on a budget to take advantage of their high-quality readings.

Contact Methods

When you participate in a psychic reading online, you can typically choose between four different contact methods: phone, online chat, video, or email. The best websites offer at least three of these contact types, allowing customers to choose the method that suits their needs and schedules.

What Is a Psychic Reading and How Does It Work?

Psychic readings are tools that people use to gain insight into and seek clarity about their lives.

A psychic reader uses various means to discern information about their clients. Some advisors use tarot cards, others read their clients' palms, and some simply use their naturally heightened perceptive abilities.

When you participate in a psychic reading with an advisor, they will determine what areas you are seeking clarity about and then use their tools and abilities to help find answers to your questions. You can ask about specific situations in your life, such as a romantic relationship or job decision, or about your general aura or broader life questions.

Many people have misconceptions about psychic readers, believing these individuals to hold specific answers to detailed yes or no questions. However, psychic readers probably will not have answers to every question you ask them, and they do not have a clear picture of your future.

Instead, these individuals will try to guide you toward your own peace and clarity, helping you feel more confident in your decisions and overall life path.

The Advantages of Getting an Online Psychic Reading

Online psychic readings offer several advantages over in-person ones. A few of the most significant benefits include:


In every sense, online psychic readings are more convenient than in-person readings. Instead of having to drive to the psychic's place of business, sit through a session, then drive home, you can chat with a psychic without leaving your house. Even if you only have a few available minutes, you can hop on a website like Kasamba or Keen and receive a quick, insightful psychic reading.


Online psychic readers tend to be more affordable than in-person ones. These psychics charge by the minute instead of the hour, and many charge as little as $0.60 to $1.00 per minute for their services. These minute rates allow you to shorten your session if you only have a few dollars to spend.

Additionally, because psychic websites work with hundreds or thousands of advisors, you can search for a reader who charges affordable rates rather than settling for the rates of the only psychic in your area.

Variety of Psychic Reading Types

The best psychic reading websites offer a wide range of reading types, allowing you to receive a session that suits your needs well. Do you want to find clarity and comfort after a pet passes away? You can speak with pet psychics. Is your love life in shambles? You can schedule readings with love psychics.

The variety of psychic experts on these websites gives you greater versatility and control over your session than you could receive through an in-person reading.


Talking with a phone psychic or online chat psychic is faster than meeting with a reader in person. When you schedule psychic readings online, you can specify how long or short you want your session to be. As a result, if you only have a few free minutes on your lunch break or between errands, you can receive a high-quality reading in the short period you have available.

Psychic reading websites give individuals with busy schedules the opportunity to find guidance and clarity without dedicating too much of their free time to a psychic session.


Some people feel hesitant to visit a psychic advisor in person, especially if they have never received a psychic reading before. They may not know what to expect or feel uncomfortable being vulnerable with a person they have never met.

However, these people often find chatting with an advisor online or over the phone more agreeable than meeting with them in person. Typing out your thoughts and feelings through an online chat is easier than sharing them with someone in person, and if you feel uncomfortable with the psychic's insights at any time, you can end the session immediately.

Overall, psychic readings online give people an outlet to receive a reading without any awkwardness or discomfort.

Are Psychic Chat Readings Accurate and Reliable?

Many people falsely believe that online psychic readings are not as authentic or reliable as in-person ones.

However, in reality, psychics feel they do not need to be with you physically in order to use their skills and tools to try and read your aura or your cards. Their believed abilities are just as effective through a computer screen or phone as they are in person.

As a result, completing a psychic chat reading with an advisor will give you the same quality guidance and insight as an in-person session would.

Tips for Choosing a Good Online Psychic Reader

The psychic reading websites on our list work with several hundred psychic advisors, and the first step in receiving a reading is choosing an advisor to complete your session. However, you may find it challenging to narrow your options to one advisor.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right psychic reader.

Use Search Filters

Most psychic websites offer filters that you can use to narrow down the list of available psychic readers. If you have any predetermined criteria that you would like your reader to meet, you can use these filters to eliminate phone psychics who will not meet your needs.

Read Their Bios

Once you have narrowed your results using filters, you can begin reading through a few psychics' profiles to better understand their skills, experience, specialties, and personalities. We recommend reading through these bios until you find two or three psychic experts who pique your interest.

Read Client Reviews

Previous client reviews can give you a better idea of how a psychic's sessions go for real customers. We recommend reading the reviews for psychics on your shortlist, then choosing the psychic who has the most favorable reviews overall.

Gauge Their Abilities During the First Few Minutes of Your Session

Several of the psychic reading websites on our list offer the first three minutes of each session for free. We recommend using these free minutes wisely to gauge your psychic reader's abilities and reading style. If you and your reader do not click, you can end the session early without paying for their services.

Stick With the Psychic You Know

Once you find a psychic reader who meets your needs and matches your personality, we recommend sticking with that reader for future sessions. You and the psychic will build up a good rapport over time, the reader will begin to learn your story without needing to ask questions, you may then eventually start to receive higher-quality sessions overall.

How To Get Free Psychic Readings

The best psychic readings cost money. Online chat and phone psychics charge for their services because they put time, effort, and intuition into the psychic readings they give clients.

However, you can sometimes receive a free psychic reading at the beginning of a longer session. Several of the psychic websites on our list offer a few minutes of every session for free, allowing you to receive a quick, free psychic chat.

If you're looking for a way to receive a high-quality, free psychic reading online, we recommend taking advantage of these free minutes at the beginning of your session. You may find that the guidance and insight your advisor gives you is worth paying for additional time.

How Can a Psychic Reading Help You?

The exact benefits you will receive from online chat, phone readings, or video readings depend on the psychic you meet with and the services you receive. However, you can expect to gain at least a few of the following benefits from speaking with a psychic:

Guidance: Psychics may be able to help guide you toward the next steps you should take. For example, love psychics can offer guidance regarding your romantic relationships.

Insight: Psychics are believed to offer insight about pieces of your life you may be overlooking that are important to your overall journey.

Comfort: Psychics may provide comfort following a trial or hardship, such as a loved one’s death.

Answers: Psychics are trusted to help you find answers to troubling questions in your life.

If you are looking for specific guidance from a psychic, we recommend mentioning your questions at the beginning of your session. The best psychic advisors will shape your reading around your stated struggles, offering relevant insight and comfort.

Things to Avoid When Getting a Psychic Reading Online

As you can probably imagine, psychic reading scams are rampant across the web. Individuals with no psychic abilities or experience can rope customers into paying for their services, essentially stealing their money and fabricating their skills. As a result, watching out for psychic scams is essential to ensuring that you receive a high-quality psychic reading session.

Here are a few practices to avoid as you search for reliable online psychic reading platforms:

Avoid 100% Free Psychic Readings

During your search for reliable, accurate readings, you may stumble across a website that offers 100% free psychic sessions.

While an absolutely free psychic reading may sound enticing, these readings tend to be low-quality. The best psychics charge for their services because they have unique skills and abilities that make their psychic readings worth the money. If a website does not charge for its psychic readings online, you can assume that the value of the reading you will receive will match the price tag.

Avoid Unsolicited Emails

If you ever find an email in your inbox from a psychic reading website that you have not given your information to, you can assume the company is a scam. These companies often obtain your email through illegal means. Even responding to these messages could give the companies enough information to steal your personal information or even your credit card number.

Avoid Claims of Curses

Fear is an effective marketing tactic, and unfortunately, psychic scammers often gain new customers by scaring people into paying for their services. Some scam artists claim that individuals have been jinxed or cursed, frightening them into paying for the scam artist's services to remove the curse.

If a psychic approaches you about a curse or jinx, you can assume that they are trying to scam you out of your money. Pay no mind to these scare tactics as you search for the right psychic reader for your needs.

Avoid Unrealistic Claims

Psychic readers can only discover so much information through readings by phone call or in person. If a psychic website proposes unrealistic claims, such as “See a glimpse into your future,” or “Speak with loved ones who have passed away,” you can assume the company is a scam.

Final Thoughts—Which Online Psychic Service is Best for You?

The five psychic reading websites on our list each offer high-quality readings, affordable prices, and a range of reading types. Choosing any of these websites will allow you to receive  authentic, reliable, information that could help guide your current struggles or future steps.

Overall, speaking with a psychic through instant chat, phone call, or video call is a convenient way to potentially gain clarity about your life. Try one of these websites today to discover how the best psychic readings may bring you peace and comfort.

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